Our Repair Service: 

Our Business Is to Repair

 Below are just some of the repair services RSS can provide:

  • Skips repairs
  • Roll-on repairs
  • Recycling container repairs
  • Paint spraying
  • Plant & machinery repairs
  • Modifications and conversions
  • General engineering
  • Detailed report of repairs carried out

 The purpose of refurbishment is simple: it saves you money.  

Large storage area
Skip Repairs:
This skip is in reasonable condition but out of service, with only the floor needing to be replaced and a few other minor repairs, this skip can be repaired back to use, for a fraction of the cost of new. 

Work carried out to this skip by RSS:

Cut and remove the old floor plate, fit and weld new floor plate with additonal floor angles. Fit and weld strips to sides and floor plate. Repair and replace missing door locking gear. Heat, straighten and re-weld bent and broken tip bar, plate hole to door end supporting gusset. All other areas checked and repaired as necessary, ie: cracks, splits, holes etc, door checked for ease of operation and safety.

Ready for many more years of service at less of the cost of buying new!
Spray Painting:
Your waste containers are cleaned using specail high powered sanders and linishers in order to remove all traces of loose paint, rust etc and spray painted, using a quality high build, anti-corrosive paint. This paint has been specially designed and manufactured for the waste container industry. 
Rear End Loaders




 Fully repaired and back to use:

Roll-on off  

RSS start with this: And repair it back to use like this!





Up Close


All Plates are fully welded, for a long lasting repair.

The underneath is checked and repaired as neccessary. 

Vehicle locking points checked for safety.